TAMA Supports and Protects the Interests of the Tennessee Vending and Refreshment Service Industry

Tennessee Automatic Merchandisers Association Vending and Coffee

The goal of the legislative committee is to protect the vending and coffee service industry in Tennessee to insure favorable results relating to taxes, legislation, regulation and social issues. We maintain close, personal relationships with legislators and lobbyists who constantly monitor legislation affecting our industry and our members.

Everything which affects the vending and coffee service in Tennessee affects your industry business. Only organized effort can counteract harmful measures and only united action by those who own and operate businesses in Tennessee can effectively speak for the automatic merchandising industry for this great state.

TAMA works to protect members from onerous legislative actions and to capitalize on positive issues affecting members. Through our contacts in Tennessee we are able to provide a resource otherwise unavailable to most members.

Your participation in TAMA strengthens our unified effort and improves our chances of future success.

Legislative Updates

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